Saturday 7 January 2017

Why Disney princesses and "princess culture" are bad to girls

Disney princesses are popular and well-liked by preschool kids.
Little girls love the princess culture and it becomes stereotypical that little girls love princesses as a result.
However,Disney princesses suggest to girls that beauty is of utmost importance.
It also suggests that girls should be sweet and submissive,and expect men to help them in dire situations.
Love at first sight is also common.
Studies show that girls engaged in princess culture behave in more feminine ways.
Princess culture does not help girls to behave in better ways.
However,princess culture has positive effect on boys.

I feel that princess culture should not be exposed to girls at such a young age because it will have a negative influence on them.Girls will start to be wary of their body image starting from a very young age and will also learn about love and affection which are negative influences on kids.If girls are to be shown Disney shows,parents should accompany them and direct to them the positive messages the show is trying to convey to them instead of the negative ones.


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