Tuesday 30 October 2012

An embarrassing moment Done by: Kai Yi
On finishing the dishes, the bill was placed on the table. I immediately reached into my pocket to get my wallet. However, to my utter disbelief, when I opened my wallet, there were only a few dollars in it. The eighty dollars that my mum had given me was missing!

After a thorough check in my pockets and backpack, it suddenly dawned on me that I had carelessly left the sum of money on my bedroom table. I had been filled with so much joy and excitement, that I focused on planning the celebration and had forgotten to put my money in my wallet.

My friends only had a few dollars with them which was futile due to the large amount of money that I had to pay. I was utterly embarrassed and my face turned to a colour as red as a tomato. Neither my friends nor I had a handphone then.  Hence, I knew that the only feasible solution was to approach the waiter.

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