Monday 29 October 2012

An Embarrassing Moment Done by Lim Kay Ray

Ding dong! The school bell rang and we all gathered our notes and scurried to the parade ground for morning assembly. After morning assembly, we walked back to class excitedly, in anticipation of the exam paper. We were all waiting outside nervously, waiting to enter and finish that English paper. We entered the classroom with bated breath. After going through the papers, we were told to wait for the clock to strike eight.“You may begin now” the invigilator declared as the clock struck eight. There we were working at the paper as the time went by.
“Wow this paper was easier than expected! What a breeze,” I muttered to myself after completing the first comprehension in the first thirty minutes. “Now it’s the summary!” I mumbled to myself. I did many practices for my summary to improve it. This time I hoped I could put them into use.As I was moving on to the summary after completing my comprehension, something embarrassing happened. I farted due to the potatoes for breakfast. That broke the silence in the room and my face was as red as a tomato! So embarrassed, I covered my face with my hands and thought to myself, “Why now? I should not have been greedy and eaten so many potatoes this morning.” The class was giggling and pinching their noses at that stench. To make things worse, I was in an air-conditioned room where the ventilation was not very good.After the paper, the whole class broke into laughter, asking to find out who had released gas during the paper. I was so embarrassed that I wished there was a hole for me to hide in and not face them. My face now as red as a tomato, I dashed all the way to the bus stop where my father picked me up.

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