Friday 8 March 2013

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A super fast broadband street box is being installed in Bangor as a part of the program to ensure all parts of wares can access faster in internet speed.super fast Cymru funded by UK and welsh government with BT, aims to ensure places that do not currently nhave broadband can access it .the super broad band will launch as early as spring.This project aims to boost economy .engineers will lay around 17500km of the optical fibre cable and install around 3000 new fibre broadband cabinets in street across wares to increase speeds and benefit homes and business.this project can create 2,500 full time job and a massive contribution to economy growth.
I my opinion , I think that this broadband should be install in Singapore not only it can boost economy of Singapore to greater heights it can also increase Internet speed in the country.more people will have a job.therefore result lesser people needing financial assistance .this can safe up a lot of money and can use the money to meet the nations future needs.

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