Friday 1 March 2013

LiveStock Virus IN Farms by Zhi Gang
Summary: In England and Wales, and in North Ireland, a virus has been detected in 1,531 farms, in cattle, sheep, alpacas and goats. This virus is found to be spread by insects bites by midges or mosquitoes. This disease cause fever, reduced milk yields and loss of appetite in adult cattle. It may also lead to birth defects and stillbirths in newborn sheep, cattle and goats.
Opinion: Although I understand that the England has made a vaccine for the virus but it has not been approved, I think that the government should take actions as quickly as possible. This is because, the virus will affect the farmers in England who depends on these animals to earn money for their livelihood. However, I am not saying that they should take quick actions but without taking any safety measures. The vaccine must not be harmful to our body when we eat these animals, if not our health affected from it.

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