Tuesday 2 April 2013

Dying alone becomes the norm in Japan by Ryan

Summary: Dying alone becomes the normal in Japan, as with an erosion of traditional Confucian values in Japan, fewer elderly are being cared for at home by relatives a fact  the government were also not fully prepared for. Japan which has the highest of proportion of retirees is unable to build enough nursing home fast enough so due to the lack of facilities the elderlies had  living alone in ill-equipped homes or suffering abuse in the care of resentful relatives. A professor estimated that by 2030 an estimated of 470,000 seniors will die alone in Japan unless more is done for them.In 2006, Japan’s government introduced a law to protect the elderly from abuse and provide support to caregivers.Businesses, charities and local governments are also innovating to help meet the needs of the elderly. All these initiatives are promoting more independent living among the elderly.

opinion: In my opinion I think the government should imply a law such that the elderly could be taken care of in one way or the another. the government should promote elderly and young to stay together so lesser of lone death that is unknown will be known

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