Friday 12 April 2013

Teachers blame poor parenting for increased chaos in the classrooms. By JunTian

Summary: A survey with more than 800 teachers by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers revealed a rise in the number of pupils with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues over the past five years, leading to deteriorating standards of discipline in schools and colleges. These teachers came to a conclusion that the cause of these disturbing trend is because parents these days are not strict, and they allow their children to behave anyway they like. More than ninety percent of the teachers had faced such students, with a huge number of them even had been attacked both verbally, physically, or even on cyber network platforms. Unions are now finding solution to the problem.

Opinion: I feel that students now are really lacking discipline and their behavior are ridiculous. They have no respect for others at all, including teachers. They treat their teachers like their enemies, and keep finding ways to attack them be it verbally, physically, or even on cyber network platforms. Teachers are suffering these pains that they certainly do not deserve. I hope there will be a solution soon to protect the teachers and also a punishments layout for these students that are rude to the teachers.

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