Friday 31 May 2013

Concern over Singapore's 'instant-noodle generation' By JunTian

Summary: Parents and Government officials have been voicing concerns about teenagers becoming overly dependent on maids. Teenagers no longer do basic things like making their bag or keeping their shoes, and they feel that it is their maids' responsibility. According to the Singapore's ministry of manpower, one in every seven families has a foreign maid. teenagers have also readily admit that they are dependent on their maids. However, while these kids are very dependent on their maids, they are still very hardworking. Many parents have taken the approach of rewarding their kids for good results, and this may also be a reason why they are pampered.

Opinion: I feel that this is a very worrying trend. Teenagers no longer do housework, and even worse, they do not even do basic things like making their own bed each morning. They are also reliant on their maid to cook for them and the only thing they can cook is perhaps instant noodle. This is the exact opposite compared to just the generation before them, where most people were very hardworking, and also very independent.

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