Friday 24 May 2013

Neuron growth in children 'leaves no room for memories' by demi tay


The reason we struggle to recall memories from our early childhood is down to high levels of neuron production during the first years of life.Neurosis, or the formation of new neurons in the hippo campus - a region of the brain known to be important for learning and remembering, reaches its peak before and after birth. It then declines steadily during childhood and adulthood.The researchers said this provided an explanation for the absence of long-term memory events from early childhood, known as infantile amnesia.Previous studies have shown that although young children can remember events in the short term, these memories do not persist.


in my opinion it will be good if children can remember their childhood as even when they grow old the memories will be still in their mind. This can allow them to use their mind often by recalling back so they would not have amnesia.Therefore they would not need to undergo medical treatment and can use the money they save up for other needs.

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