Tuesday 19 November 2013

Nasa's Maven Mars Mission Launches by ZhiGang

Nasa's Maven mission 

Maven is sending $631m orbiter to space for studies on Mar's high atmosphere. There have been evidence of the red planet getting robbed off its air due to low air pressure. The orbiter will be sent on a 10-month cruise to acquire more information on the climate of Mars. Studies have found out that sun's influence had been responsible for the different rates of air molecules today. Maven is studying it today is so that they can understand extrapolate it back in time.

In my opinion, I am glad that Man are doing steps to find another suitable planet in case our current home, Earth, becomes unfit for human life. Also, through finding out more about Mars, Man are trying to think of a way to revert Mars to it previous state when it is warmer and wetter which is more suitable for habitable life compared to today. I hope Man will not exploit Earth of her resources even if there might be a new planet suitable for us.

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