Monday 4 November 2013

Cyber Bullying By: Sherman Teo

It's impossible to comprehend another human being, let alone a child, sending such hateful messages to another person. They were sent to 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, who ultimately jumped to her death in September, he said. The messages didn't come via the social networking sites many of us are familiar with: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They were sent via newer, lesser-known social applications called and Kik, according to Judd.

In my opinion, I believe that students are nowadays bullying others and these bullies need to taught a lesson. Bullies are getting more and more tech-savvy as they hide behind computers to attack someone. This will then make the victims sad and sometimes hurt. However, there are also the extremes where someone will kill himself to escape from being bullied. With this, it shows that we are taking each other's lives too lightly and that every small action which we do will have disastrous consequences. We should always care for others and beware what we post online.  

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