Tuesday 8 July 2014

Could your next boss be a robot? by Ki Eunyu

Could your next boss be a robot?

Summary: As technology is improving tremendously nowadays, robots are taking on more and more jobs in the employment industry. They are better at doing some jobs and require less money. This makes many companies to replace human with robots with work. However, as robots are taking more places of human, human touch is not there anymore and some things can only be achieved through interactions.

Opinion: Although robots maybe very good at doing work as they are perfectly systemised,  I still think that human plays an important role in this world. Robots will not be able to do what human can do such as thinking creatively and critically. Thus, industries should not fully depend on robots for work but should rely more on humans for work. This will also improve the working environments of the employees as there are more interaction between them to give them the motivation to work.

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