Tuesday 17 December 2013

Belfast Fire Bomb: Man burst into flames in shop by ZhiGang

A man ran off with his clothes on fire through shoppers in Ireland. The man appears to be moving something underneath his jacket and a large flame was ignited inside his coat and engulfed his head, shoulders as he tries to put out the flames. Then, he ran out of the shop and left behind a device that dropped out of his pocket without him knowing. There is utter disgust in Ireland with about 2 small bomb explosions in a month.

In my opinion, I feel that the recent bombing in North Ireland is showing that her people were very unhappy with the way how she is ruled. News reports has showed that the bombing were rather rare in recent years. However, I think a country ought to stand together as one. A government should take the consideration of her people or else a civil war will happen within a country. The government should find out where the problem lies or the cruel bombing will take more lives.

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