Tuesday 10 December 2013

South Korea warns of North Korea's 'reign of terror'

Mr Chang gets stripped off his post. Click to see why :?

North Korea is carrying out a reign of terror by undertaking a large-scale purge in order to strengthen Kim Jong-Un’s power. By doing so, he stripped off his uncle’s posts as administration who was believed to be a powerful man. Kim Jong-Un said that North Korea will never forgive a corrupted traitor to family and country. With such an act, many has believed that Kim Jong-Un is rising up with power which could threaten the South Korea if this acts continues.

In my opinion, I feel that Kim Jong-Un is doing such an act to imprint into all the officers that North Korea will not hesitate to strip an official off his posts whether he might be a kin to Kim Jong-Un. This will put the officials in fear and not do any corrupted acts. When Kim Jong-Un stripped off his uncle’s posts, he did not hesitate whether chang was his relative. Thus, I do not think that Kim Kong-Un is rising up to power.

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