Wednesday 12 March 2014

Bilingual Chinese Singaporean by Sherman

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew showed an increasing trend that show the fact that Singaporeans are no longer interested in their Chinese Language. He believes that many of them has made the wrong decision because they may get as many job opportunities than people who are bilingual. With the accelerated rise of china's economy, America may not be the dominant country anymore and many will start using Chinese. By being bilingual, we are prepared as we are able to converse freely with others without any language barriers therefore not affecting us greatly. To improve our language skills, we should practice our mother tongue everyday and not just learn it just to forget everything in the future.

I feel that learning Chinese and practicing it is a good habit. Practicing out Mother Tongue is just like talking in English. It requires effort and daily practice to get it right so that we can speak it fluently in front of others. During the past few years, many Singaporeans are influenced greatly by the west and the way they carry out their activities. This influence may be negative in the sense that we might stop learning Mother Tongue as it is of no importance.

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