Saturday 8 March 2014

Erosion of Asian culture due to westernization by ZhiGang

How Asian cultures are eroded away - Disappointing 
Summary:  A recent statistics have shown that youths in Singapore prefer to be Caucasian or Japanese. This statistics is becoming worrying among Singapore officials who see that globalization and materialism is eroding cultural identity and patriotism. Singapore culture has been changing as a result of globalization and the spread of cosmopolitan ideas through the internet. Young people nowadays are so much into the internet and it affects globalization which are felt in Singapore and it's eroding our culture slowly away.

Opinions: In my opinion, we should have a basic respect for our own culture. We are born who we are and we cannot change who we are. We should at least have the basic respect for our culture. However, everyone is going wayward which is really absurd. Why be another person if we despise who we are actually? It is very pathetic and ashamed to see how these teenagers are behaving this days. It is disappointing to see how they abandon their own culture.

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