Sunday 30 March 2014

Children 'start school too young' say experts ZhiGang

Research has shown that toddlers should not attend schools yet because it deprived them of the time to play, to have fun. The extra years provide a crucial opportunity for toddlers to be toddlers. Most parents think that starting their child early in school means having better results later on in schools. Even though there is nothing wrong with seeking high educational standards, but it is surely wrong when it comes at the cost of the natural development of child.


In my opinion, I disagree to sending toddlers to classes. Every child is different. Different child can withstand different stress levels. Therefore, I think parents should not send their children for classes to early. Evidence has also shown that children who have a longer period of play-based early childhood education, at the age of six to seven, finish up with a whole range of clear advantages in the long term. For example, they do better in academics and they experience more emotional well-being.

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