Friday 16 May 2014

For community spirit to thrive, the Ugly Singaporean must go - Ryan

Ugly Singaporean are more than capable of committing the act of ungraciousness. An incident of ugly Singaporean act of ungracious was enough to be written in BBC. The self-centred attitudeof ugly singaporean is because of the competitive society; work, family and many other reasons. Singapore isn't the only countries that have such type of behavior. A welcome start would be everybody make small but positive contribution to look out for one another and be gracious.
In my opinion, the ugly Singaporean attitude could be change as time goes if measurement to improve it is taken. Holding campaign may not be an effective measurement but its a way to get to some individual who could be change with it. People should start changing away the attitude of ugly Singaporean and revive the kampong spirit of the past to make Singapore an even better place.

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