Wednesday 14 May 2014

Singapore Asia's happiest country by JunTian

Summary: Singapore is now the happiest country in Asia – just one year after it was named the unhappiest nation in the world in 2012. United Nations-sponsored World Happiness Report 2013 ranked Singapore 30th globally and top in Asia. UN report compared happiness measurements based on factors such as gross domestic product per capita, years of healthy life expectancy, social support, perception of corruption, prevalence of generosity, and freedom to make life choices. It is believed that the following are the main reasons: Singaporeans are increasingly expressing their views about social issues, government showing their concerns for the needs and wants of the people and  Singaporeans being united and getting through the haze period together.

Opinions: I felt very proud and honored that Singapore has been ranked top in Asia for the happiness index as compared to being last the previous year. It shows that Singaporeans and the government are making many improvements in their lives and life in Singapore is becoming better, not only economically, but also socially. I also feel very touched when I read the part about Singaporeans getting through the haze period together. During this gloomy period, several people gathered together to form groups and went around giving out masks to those who did not have one. I feel that this shows that Singaporeans are in no way emotionless and shows the warmer side of Singaporeans. Thus I believe we definitely do not deserve the last position, and top in Asia is a very big improvement for us.

Source: Singapore the happiest nation in asia

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