Monday 12 May 2014

Singapore Happy Planet Index rank #90 of all the countries analysed by ZhiGang

Summary: Singapore was ranked #90 for the Happy Planet Index of all the countries that did the survey and it is a shocking statistics. The Index had shown that Singapore did well in life-expectancy and well-being but did rather poorly in environmental sustainability which as a result had scored 39.2. However, it had showed improvement in year 2009 where we were ranked #49 out of 143 countries compared to year 2006 where we came in the #131 position.

Opinions: In my opinion, I am shocked by the statistics of the Happy Planet Index because I did not think that Singaporeans would be so unhappy with the government. In a way, it might be because of the complacent Singaporeans who like to complain a lot about the government and it is in a way damaging to the image of the government because Singapore is a developed and yet its people are not appreciative of what the government has done.

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