Friday 12 July 2013

Social Media Exposes Girls To Sexual Abuse by ZhiGang

Summary: Today, parts of the global are increasingly leaning on technologies like computer, smartphones. Through these technologies, they connect to social sites which have become more and more threatening. Cyber bullying in these social sites are very common and many teenagers are suffering from it. What is more shocking was that a 13-year old social wall had been posted with strings of sexual questions. There were overwhelming threats and commands which later caused her hospitalized after taking an overdose.
Opinions: In my opinion, I feel that cyber bullying is a cruel and malicious thing to do. The internet gives teenagers a false sense of security, power which causes the people to act the way they normally don't. The people think that the social platforms lets them do what they want by posting nasty comments on others as they would not be found out who they are behind their false names on the platforms. These bullying has to stop to refrain from hurting more people.

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