Friday 26 July 2013

Sportsmanship article by Ryan


In the 1988 Olympic Games, in one of the sialing event the weather was so windy that one of the boats carrying two sailors from singapore capsized throwing them in to the churning water. Lawrence Lemieux ,a Canadian sailor who was competing in another sailing competition and who was in second place at the time  pulled out of his race and immediately guided his boat over to the capsized Singapore vessel.  He rescued the two sailors, and then waited until a patrol boat could arrive to take the men to safety. He finished the 22nd in the race.


In my opinion, what he did was an excellent display of sportsmanship. He sacrifice his position in his race just to help others who was not related to him.  I think this should be the kind of sportsmanship that all sportsman should have. I believe what the international yacht association did was right.

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