Friday 4 April 2014

Play in Preschool: Why it Matters- Yen Yuen

The article states the importance of play in Pre-School as it provides a child a plethora of learning opportunities. Firstly, It develops a child's language and vocabulary development. While playing with other children or adults, a child pick up and learn to use language to communicate meaning as well as picking uo new word and hearing the grammatical structure of the English Language. Secondly, it develops a child's imagination and creativity. In our fast paced society, the children have fewer opportunties to use and develop their creavitiy. Thus it is through fun play that they learn to think of creative games to entertain themselves and the possibilities are endless. Thirdly, they can learn problem solving and matheatics through puzzles and blocks games. Lastly, they get to gross and fine motor development

In my opinion, i feel that play is important in pre school for young children and pre school should not focus too much on a child's academics. While a child is young, we should focus on developing her communication skills and not exert unneccessary stress on a child as it may cause them to dislike learning. They should see the joy of learning as pre schools introduced play into learning.

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