Monday 19 November 2012

The disadvantages of overpaying sports athletics by Kai Yi
Elite sports athletes are extremely overpaid and this could lead to corruption in sports. They could take drugs to enhance their performance so that they could perform better when they are in major competitions. If they win any medals or awards, the country that they are representing would give them a very large sum of monetary reward. The sports athletic will also earn a large amount of money because of their fans. Therefore, large sums of money given to the elite sports athletics may lead to corruption in sports because of their greed.

Overpaying athletes leads to high ambitions among coaches and parents. In the end, the talented or gifted child will suffer. As the parents will want their child to succeed in life and make their family proud. Most importantly, the parents and coaches both want the extensive amount of money given to the sports athletic if they win any medals in major competitions. Hence, the coaches and parents will definitely force the young child at the age of about four to five years old to practice in the sport that they are good in. This will only destroy the lives of the child, as the child may not like the sport but has to practice for long sessions everyday, and may get scolded if they do not follow the rules that their coaches and parents give.

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