Wednesday 28 November 2012

Story about cyberbullying by Ryan


Adam was a boy from a normal family just that he was always being cyber bullied. He was often receiving messages like he come from a smelly family, he is just a smelly animal and coward. His classmate also post pictures of him in dirty area, him in a pig house. He wanted to prove to his classmate that he isn’t what they say he is, so he bath every two hour, he wanted to prove he wasn’t a coward so he went to punch anybody who he see and doesn’t like.  When the school reports his action to his parent, his parent didn’t really care as they didn’t bother with his life. He continues for a few months, and his classmate start to post things like saying he’s crazy on social network.

One day he decided to end his misery by committing suicide, he posted on all social network that he is going to kill himself by jumping down from his house which is the highest floor and said that those who don’t believe him could come and watch. Soon most of his classmate gathered and his classmate encourage him to jump as they think he doesn’t dare to jump, so Adam finally jump out of the window from his house.

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