Friday 24 January 2014

A soft Y generation? by demi tay

Singapore- They are big in Japan, growing in Taiwan but are there strawberries here too? Not the fruit, but young people who are just as soft.In Japan, the post-1980s children are referred to as fretters.In Taiwan, they are known as the strawberry generation.In Singapore, they're simply tagged as Gen All these children share a common traits.They are spoilt, insubordinate, sluggish at work, apathetic, still live with and sponge off their parents and cannot stand hardship. we have here are not strawberries but youths who live by a misguided notion of success.Perhaps what they need is confidence and some encouragement - to venture out of their comfort zones and become useful members of society in their own ways.'

In my opinion. I feel that children  in Singapore do not represent strawberry generation. Indeed, some may live with their parents and all. This reason being is that in houses in Singapore are extremely expensive as the land are limited compared to other countries in the world. Most of Singapore children would go and work and the money they earn would give their parents or pay for household expenses lightening their parent's financial burden. Therefore,this already prove that Singapore is definitely not a strawberry generation

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