Friday 24 January 2014

Is a strawberry generation emerging in Singapore?

Summary: Strawberry generation are big in Japan and growing in Taiwan. It is unknown whether are there in Singapore so they are simply tag as Gen Y. No matter what they are called they shares the same traits of being spoilt, insubordinate, sluggish at work, apathetic, still live with and sponge off their parents and cannot stand hardship. Minister Goh Chok Tong believe that if it wasn't for NS Singapore would have become strawberry generation. But Gen Yers beg to differ, they earn their own money and do not rely on parent. some say that it's parent are the one who contribute to the generation instead of themselves.

Opinion: I believe that it is both parents and youth that contribute to the current generation. Parents play the part of spoiling their child and youth played the part of not changing themselves but still continue being spoilt. To change the generation, parents had to stop spoiling their child and youth had to move out of their comfort zone.

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