Thursday 9 January 2014

Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber by ZhiGang

Summary: Tributes have been pouring for a Pakistani teenager who was killed on Monday when he tackled a suicide bomber targeting his school in the Hangu area. Aizaz Hasan was with his friends outside school when he noticed a man wearing a suicide vest. He left his friends and got hold of the suicide bomber who detonated his vest. News has been pouring over the teenager praising him for sacrificing his life to save the school and it is indeed a great honor.

Opinions: In my opinion, the teenager was indeed very brave. He managed to save a whole school of 2,000 lives. Although the teenager sacrificed his life for that, he is deemed as a hero by the country. The teenager did not care about his life at all and he probably thought at that moment was to save the others from getting killed in his school. I deeply admire him whose actions greatly won praises and gratitude on the social media sites.  

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