Thursday 17 April 2014

bullying online-demi tay

Social networking sites have made cruelty and meanness public. Previously these acts were invisible, now they are at display to all. There are different views on what to do with this visibility. With technology you have some benefits and some negatives, the latter being that there is a new way to bully kids and it does make it more difficult. In a lot of circumstances, a bully has been bullied, whether it’s by other peers or in parenting styles.A lot of parents do monitor every aspect of their kids electronic use today. The kids don’t like it, but I’ve never told the parents stop. If you have a typically developing child, talk with them about the dangers. Parental support can actually decrease the likelihood of bullying, a lot of it is about developing, learning coping skills.

I feel that teenagers bullying online are caused by discrimination of others. This bullying can be lessen by having parents to guide their child so they would not go and bully other online. Parents have great influence as most children do not dare to defy their parents. I also feel that bullying occur when one feel more superior than the other. schools can play a role by helping different people to work together bond together so they would not bully.

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