Saturday 19 April 2014

Celebrities Behaving Well- Yen Yuen

SUMMARY: Comparing to the past, fewer celebrities are giving bribes to escape from their minor crimes (eg Drunk Driving) because of the Internet's power to shame and memorialise. (For example, Alex Baldwin quit Twitter several times and bade a recent long goodbye to public life) They are starting to be mindful of their manners. 

Cat Marnell, a rare journalist, has appeared in the news about her exploits with drugs. Despite this, she felt that it is perfectly alright to do so. "Drugs are bad, but they are still fun."

Smoking as well as drinking and a host of other insalubrious habits are now correlates with lower levels of income and education.

Casanova are also decreasing with better education about sexually transmitted infections and apps like Lulu

It is delightful to see that the more celebrities are behaving well because of the negative influence their inappropriate actions can have on their fans, who is mostly teenagers. Their actions such as smoking, drinking, drunk driving, womanising can inculcate immoral values in teenagers. Teenagers who idolised them will feel that their actions are perfectly fine and correct.

Nonetheless, not all celebrities are behaving well and teenagers have to be aware of who they are idolising. In this case, parents have to play a part and monitor their actions so that they will not follow the wrong path. Most importantly, before doing so, they have to establish good relationship with their children and understand them so that they can have a better awareness of their actions.

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