Sunday 13 April 2014

Parenting Like A Tiger Mother Leads To Obese Children By: Sherman

Research suggests that authoritarian parenting style is worse for children's weight than an authoritative one. Authoritative parents interact with their kids on everything from homework to chores and getting along with their siblings therefore affecting children’s weight. Authoritarian parents were less likely than authoritative moms and dads to praise their children or give them positive feedback for good behavior, regardless of whether it was related to their health. When their children misbehaved, authoritarian parents were “most likely to respond emotionally and punish the child but not tell them what they had done wrong.” Other factors related to parenting style education or stress could be the driving force in the association between iron-fist parenting and children’s obesity. In the meantime, the results suggest that setting boundaries but making sure that children understand why rules are in place can teach them self-control, which might be important in regulating their eating habits as well.

In my opinion, I believe that children who have authoritative parents are affecting children's health because everything they do is being noticed. These children will then suffer from the large amount of stress given by their parents. With the constant need for these children to relieve stress, they will sometimes fall into depression while others go for binge eating to help. When children eat due to stress, not hunger, they will then tend to take in more junk food leading them to be obese. I think that parents should not be so authoritative and be more supportive of their children because they will then have lesser health problems. Children will then care more about themselves and the obese children will decrease.

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