Thursday 17 April 2014

Teenagers most influenced by celebrities by ZhiGang

Teenagers most influenced by celebrities

Summary: Research has shown that one in four teenagers admit that they are more influenced by celebrities than people they know. Within the community, the top choice for individual teenagers looked up most was family members, followed by other popular figures including teachers, police, GPs and sports coaches. This result has shown the drastic increase of teenagers turning to their celebrities as role models for them to follow. But, the change in the teenager have to depend on who he look up to.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that there is no good or bad celebrities. It depends on the way teenagers look at them. If they receive good parenting from young, they are able to differentiate what they is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Celebrities are like us, human beings and they have the times where they do the wrong thing in a time of folly. However, it does not mean that teenagers should stupidly follow the way celebrities does the wrong things.

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