Wednesday 25 June 2014

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents? by JunTian

Summary: Newborns and infants are being viewed by many tech start-ups as the next big thing. Many gadgets have been invented to monintor the baby and provide extra safety features. And there are some who are concerned such manufacturers are playing on parental paranoia. "First-time parents, who are at their most obsessive about safety, are the most susceptible to manufacturers' marketing and claims to be 'best for your child'," Katie O'Donovan, from parenting network Mumsnet, tells the BBC. This can lead to some expensive purchasing mistakes, she adds.

Opinion: I feel that it is very wise for developers and manufacturers to go into the market of developing apps and other technologies for this generation of parents who are  themselves over reliant on technology, hence they will definitely earn a lot from it. However, this manufactures have to ensure that their products are reliable, and definitely will not have any negative impact on the growth of the child like from excessive radiation. Parents should also try not to become over reliant on such products, but instead learn  to trust  themselves.

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