Tuesday 10 June 2014

Women's rights in Singapore- Yvelyn Koh

Summary: women nowadays have more rights as compared to last time. Singapore set up the Women's charter to ensure that women receives equal and rightful rights as compared to men. To protect women against sexual abuse, prostitution, after divorce rights etc. In the family, both husband and wife have equal rights in running the house. Women can also choose whether or not to user her own surname and name separately. In cases when the husband in bankrupt, the wife would not be liable for the debts. If a couple is divorced, the husband may be ordered to pay a maintenance fee or monthly allowance to the wife.

Opinions: I think that Singapore did a great job in trying to protect the rights of women. Trying to protect them from getting mistreated or abused just because of their gender differences. Women should be treated equally as men. In fact now that the times have changed, men began to respect women more than last time. After all, I hope that this gender issue will get better as times passes.

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