Friday 6 June 2014

Women work more, but are still paid less by ZhiGang

Summary: In every country in the world, women are continued to be paid less for comparable work than men. Inequality of treatment marks virtually all aspects of women’s working lives, beginning with wages and employment opportunities and extending to access to decision-making and managerial positions. In addition, while more women work outside the home, a greater percentage of women than ever before act as the sole breadwinners for their families, contributing to the number of feminization of poverty.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that regardless of gender, everyone is the same. Women should be treated the same as men because women, like men, contributes to the society as much as men does. Therefore, women should be treated equally. There are many female presidents elected and this shows that women have the capability as men to carry out roles like men do. There are even career women nowadays and women can be as equally responsible as men does.

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