Tuesday 24 June 2014

Could your boss be the next robot?-Yen Yuen



A lot of things that were routine are becoming automated. Other than affecting those lower level kinds of white-collar work, higher-end, higher-education, higher-wage white-collar job are also being affected.  Giving grunt (boring) work to the robots can make for happier and more productive employees. To see that boost in engagement, and to benefit from it, managers will need to develop “new areas of activities that allow those workers to function on higher levels of sophistication

However, there are limitation as well. Computer are only enhancing the skills rather than substituting human skills. Old-fashioned human-on-human interactions are irreplaceable by technology. To motivate the working force, computers do not have the ability to do so.


In my opinion, I agree on the point that human’s jobs cannot be completely taken over by robots. While robots are able to complement the skills of the job, it cannot replace human skills such as face-face communication, ability to express their emotions and motivate the working force. Despite this, we should not take them for granted and should learn to improve ourselves in order to integrate into this fast changing society, especially when technology is becoming more advanced.

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