Friday 6 June 2014

Let us not take gender equality for granted by JunTian

Summary: As Singapore marks 50 years of nationhood next year and as we recognise our pioneer generation for their contributions to nation-building, we should also pause to remember the women in Singapore who fought for gender equality that we largely take for granted today. By doing so, our next generation can more closely identify and be inspired by our own local female role model. The average Singaporean woman in 2014 is healthy and has ready access to world-class health care. She is educated, having at least 10 years of world-class education, has equal opportunity and access to local and global jobs, is largely equally paid for the same job and is encouraged to move up to the very top of the career ladder. She has access to affordable childcare and has clean and safe living and working conditions. In marriage and in divorce, her rights and those of her children are protected under Singapore's Constitution. These are possible because of a Singapore-born feminist movement and we are the happy beneficiaries of that crusade. In the past, voluntary organisations were formed to provide women with food and education. Women also slowly became involved in politics by joining the parliament and voicing out their needs.
Opinion: I feel that it is really amazing how Singapore being such a young country has managed to achieve gender equality so quickly. In Singapore, there is hardly any gender discrimination and women are openly acknowledge to be as capable as man, and everyone have equal chances to prove themselves. However, we should not take this for granted, as our predecessors have went a long way before achieving what we have today. We should also find ways to help those in other countries who are suffering from gender inequality.

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