Wednesday 18 June 2014

Loss Of Diversity By: Sherman Teo

This article shows how that the world is experiencing a larger and larger depletion of its diversity. It shows that humans are the main cause of the loss of diversity. Deforestation and pollution are also one of the biggest problems. Without forests, the amount of green house gases will start to increase significantly quickly while pollution can come in many forms such as air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. With more of the earth being polluted by humans, more animals will start to die due to our litter which is all over affecting them.

I think that many of our litter are affecting animals directly and indirectly therefore we should lessen the amount of litter that we throw all over the place. We can also reduce the amount of pollution by using environmentally friendly products and not to always drive cars around. We can use public transport to get around to decrease the amount of gas pollution which will also help animals and prevent the loss of diversity.

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