Monday 30 June 2014

Why do families kill their daughters? by Ki Eunyu

Why do families kill their daughters?

Summary: Honour killings are killing their family members, especially women,  if they have brought dishonour to the family's reputation or values even if it is very small act. Thousands of women are killed by this honour killing around the world,especially in Middle East and Asia. The family members will simply cover up the case and refuse to admit that they killed the victim. Family members kill the victim in variety of ways. People are rarely found guilty as it is very difficult to show evidence of killing. It is a problem that should be solved.

Opinion: I personally feel that this method of killing is very wrong and it should not be carried out. I was very angry to find out that people were killed for the smallest things, such as having western friends and dressing like them. The family should not be so unreasonable and kill their own daughters so easily. They should give a second chance for her to change and not just kill her immediately. In my opinion, this issue should definitely be solved as the wrongful acts are spreading around the world and people are being killed unreasonably.  

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