Sunday 22 June 2014

GM foods to feed the world by Ryan

Summary: Africa is a place where the farmer there out of all the farmer in the world has a difficult time. Farmers in Africa grow crops for survival instead of for profit as Africa is a continent where it cannot feed itself. The government there is beginning to adopt any policy to help increase their food supply. GM foods are part of the solution. Many money is poured into research into making a GM food that would help Africa. Even though the government receive warning on the bad things on GM food, they still determine go on about GM food. And some governments here clearly believe that GM crops will be part of the long term solution.

Opinion: In my opinion, Africa is feeling desperate to raise it's food supply that it turns to GM food as a solution to problem. As Africa doesn't have the best land to grow crop, GM food may be able to help crops to grow in Africa. But this should not mean that GM food should be sought as a solution and that US should not also see it as a chance to test for their biotechnology.

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