Wednesday 25 June 2014

Could GM crops help Africa by ZhiGang


Genetic Modified (GM) crops are being determined whether they are able to help Africa feed the population suffering from famine. GM crops can be drought resistant to the weather in Africa which increases the harvest. Also, GM crops are modified to be resistant against bacterial or fungi infections so that the harvests of the crop will increase which result in a higher food production. With the introduction of GM crops into Africa’s industry, it could lead to the end of famine.


In my opinion, I feel that the introduction of Genetic Modified (GM) crops into the industry is actually a good idea. It will lead to the end of famine in the world because country can have an increased in food production, also the price of food will drop and people can buy food to feed themselves instead of starving. However, the side effects of GM crops are yet unknown which poses a danger to man because of how food are experimented with.

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