Monday 30 June 2014

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents? by Ki Eunyu

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents?

Summary: Nowadays, as technology is developing many  digital baby products are also being developed. Many apps and devices have been made to know the conditions of the baby better. Some of them include Owlet Smart Sock which the parent will know the state of the baby through the app connected to the sock of the baby. These kind of devices may be helpful but parents should think carefully before buying such things as it may be unnecessary and all these products are very costly.

Opinion: In my opinion, these kind of ideas are creative and may be useful if used in the right methods. The companies should not think of trying to make money but rather should try their best to give the best to the baby. This way parents will be able to use good quality products and will be able to trust them. This devices should be further developed so that even parents who do not know a lot about growing their babies can react to the baby well and know their needs,

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