Sunday 22 June 2014

Retirement is a journey by Ryan

Summary: Singaporean now live longer but having children are getting lesser which result in more old people to young people. When old the ability to continue to work becomes more unable so the working population will become smaller as of now the problem, as time goes the ratio of young people out in society able to work to the amount of old people becomes smaller. Even with government help, planning of retirement is till needed. Start off by starting to save money early, than make sure on the right track of retirement when nearing, than plan appropriate spending, after all hat share with family so that as elderly don't become a liability.

Opinion: In my opinion, planning of retirement is never too early as the earlier you plan the better u know how to move on. Than we won't not be on the right track for retirement when time for it is coming closer. When retire we would also than not be a liability.

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