Wednesday 11 June 2014

Improving the welfare of Singapore's migrant workers by ZhiGang

Summary: Economic factors drove these workers to Singapore, hence work-related policies would be the most effective lever in improving their welfare. Ideally, these policies should minimize cost for consumers and employers. However, the question of how these workers have to be treated has become increasingly pressing following two major foreign-worker-related incidents. However, it is unlikely that countries would come up with comprehensive legislation to protect their citizens. The want to find meaningful employment for the burgeoning working population is likely to be a greater priority than ensuring their labour rights.

Opinion: In my opinion, I think that having to come to Singapore to seek a living is indeed hard and we should think about the way we treat these workers. They have to come to Singapore earn a living so that they would be able to support their family members which is a sacrifice for them. As a matter of fact, these workers are like us and therefore, we should learn to respect others before ourselves because they hold a huge responsibility for their family.

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