Sunday 22 June 2014

Could your next boss be a robot? by JunTian

Summary: Over the years, a lot of things that were routine are becoming automated, even administrative work – like scheduling meetings, and other kinds of co-ordination – can be done with software. Higher-end, higher-education, higher-wage white-collar jobs are also increasingly becoming automated. However, some people see computers as often complementing, rather than substituting for, human skills and computers only take a part of human jobs. Many also agree that in many cases, the human-on-human interactions is still necessary like in managers organizing the team and doctors giving prescription to patients.

Opinion: I feel that as technology improves, more of the jobs will definitely be taken over by machines. However, it is our job to keep improving ourselves so that we will not be replaced by these machines. Instead we should be the ones that can control these machines. On the other hand, I also strongly believe that there are some jobs that can never be replaced by machines. Inter-human interaction is something that cannot be replaced. The ability to feel what another person is feeling and the intelligence required to communicate is something machines can never achieve. Hence, humans will never lose out on thus point.

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