Friday 21 June 2013

China officials caught spray-painting grass green in Chengdu by demi tay

In China's sprawling smog-blanketed cities, life can sometimes seem a little grey.Chinese reporters filmed workers from Chengdu's municipal landscaping department as they busily painted the grassy verges of the city's roads with a fluorescent green spray. According to Top Green's website, the colour "lasts for ten to 14 weeks and is not washed away by the rain". It adds: "It also turns the soil green"But some residents found the dye also turned their shoes green as they walked across the city's newly lush lawns.


 In my opinion, i feel that the workers should not spray the green dye as it will block the plants from getting oxygen and they will wither and after 14 weeks the dye will be wash away. The dyes will enter the drain to the open seas contaminating the water and kill marine life.The dye also leave a green print onto the people shoes and thus will cause the inconvenience to the people as they would need to clean their shoes. The Chinese workers should import plants and plant them instead of spraying the dyes on the plant

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