Friday 7 June 2013

Threats to Earth: Overfishing. Done by JunTian

Summary: Overfishing occurs when fish are caught more than the population can replace through natural reproduction. This brought about very serious consequences, not only disturbing the balance of marine life,  but also the social and well-being of those who depend on the fishes for a living. Poor fisheries management  and pirate fishing are the few main reasons. This resulted in an imbalance in the marine communities and a decrease in food security. Many species of marine life forms have also been affected.

Opinion: Overfishing must be stopped immediately. If this continues, marine animals will start to go extinct at a pace faster than we can ever imagine. I feel that the government of every country should impose heavy laws and fines regarding illegal fishing. This can prevent overfishing. Fishermen should also be more aware of such things, and immediately take action to stop.

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