Friday 14 June 2013

Teachers blame poor parenting for increased chaos in the classrooms by demi tay

Parents are to blame for a rising tide of disruptive behavior in schools because they fail to lay down the law at home, according to a new survey out today.The survey of more than 800 teachers by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers revealed a rise in the number of pupils with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues over the past five years.Nine out of 10 staff said they had to deal with at least one case of a challenging or disruptive pupil during the past year.teachers are frequently on the receiving end of children's frustration and unhappiness and have to deal with the fallout from parents failing to set boundaries and family breakdowns.

i feel that parents and the children should have a talk to talk conversation to let each other know about their dislike and thus have a better understanding towards each other. they should give explanation to the other party when one do wrong or when making a decision that would affect the other party.This will reduced children from venting out their anger in school as the victim would be the teachers.The school can give counseling to the children to improve on their behavior or having the meet the parent sessions to let the parents know about their children behavior.

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