Thursday 20 June 2013

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior by ZhiGang :/

Summary: Chinese parents trust that their children the suitable way to braced for the future is to unveil their talents and equipping them with the suitable life skill, self-assurance when they enter the work force. However, western parents kind of worship their children. Western parents spur their children to follow their affection by providing them a pleasant condition and genuine mindset to guide them to their selected path according to their interests. All parents wants their child excelling but different ideas helping them.

Opinions: In my opinion, I feel that it is important on how a child is educated. Different kinds of education may lead to child to a different path in life. The kinds of education need to depend on the personality of the child. Some child cannot take the harsher way of education and their education should be similar to the Western parents’ way of teaching. They try to encourage their children to follow their own interests and guide them through.

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