Friday 14 June 2013

Lifelong learning by Ryan


In Finland, school is the only place where students study. For children in Finland, when school ends, so do the lesson. Parents there unlike Singapore’s don’t send their children for tuition as they believe children need free time and rest after school and homework. Children between seven to 16 are provided a free nine-year education. Throughout their education they have only one major exam with six hour given per paper. Teacher check on the student progress by having quiz after each chapter


In my opinion I think that they have a very care-free education. Even though they have a care-free education their exam condition is quite good as when they are given long period of time to complete the paper and it will be less stress unlike Singapore's. I think Singapore should adopt this way of exam but with a shorter period of time as 6 hour is too long and subject taken in Singapore are a lot so there won't be enough days to teach if each paper was 6 hour.

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